Kwame Raoul Raoul for Attorney General

About Kwame

A leading progressive voice in Illinois, Raoul has allowed real life experiences to inspire his advocacy for the people of Illinois. As Attorney General, he will continue to build on his work to reform the criminal justice system and protect families across the state.


Started the day meeting with faith leaders, elected officials and laborers over breakfast and coffee in Rockford...

Had a great meet up in Rockford tonight. Thanks to @SteveStadelman and everyone that came out to talk about the cri

This is exactly why we need to pass SB193, it's unacceptable that in a state as large as Illinois we have less than

We can always use a few more volunteers to help us get the message out. Please consider stopping by to make some...

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday at CSU to discuss the real issues facing the people of Illinois...

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