Kwame Raoul Raoul for Attorney General

About Kwame

Kwame is a leading voice in the fight for equal rights, protecting children from sexual predators, criminal justice reform, and a woman’s right to choose. As Attorney General, he’ll step up to be our last line of defense against federal attacks on access to affordable healthcare, voting rights, the environment, civil rights and more.


On the Issues

As a prosecutor, state senator and in private practice Kwame Raoul has established a strong reputation as a leader and a consensus builder. Please explore the topics below to learn more about Kwame and why he is the best candidate to be the next Attorney General of Illinois.

Five years ago today same-sex marriage became the law of the land in Illinois. I am so proud to have fought for and

Praying for the families of all of the victims of todays shooting at Mercy Hospital. Thank you to the police offi

I am so proud to have shared my story in #WhyIRun. Now, it's time to write even more stories! Nominate someone who

I'm excited to get to work with these incredible attorneys general to fight for healthcare access and equal rights

RT @KwameRaoul: Ever since my first year of law school, Ive dreamed of this job. Today, people went to the polls to defend our hea

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