News | Press Releases | 05/23/18

Raoul statement on Rep. Cassidy, sexual harassment and retaliation

Raoul: “Kelly Cassidy has my full support”


CHICAGO, IL — Kwame Raoul, candidate for Illinois attorney general, issued the following statement in support of State Representative Kelly Cassidy and all women claiming their right to a fair hearing concerning allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation:

I’ve worked with Representative Kelly Cassidy for many years as a trusted colleague and close personal friend. She has my full support, not just in sharing her story this week but for the critical work she is doing on the bipartisan Sexual Discrimination and Harassment Awareness and Prevention task force. I know they are working hard to address these issues and understand they will be releasing legislative proposals in the coming days. Representative Cassidy and I agree that this issue should not be politicized. It is too important, not only in her case but for all women. As Attorney General, I look forward to building upon this panel’s work to change the culture and ensure that all citizens have access to support and justice.


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