News | Press Releases | 06/19/18

Raoul speaks out on Trump border separation policy

“Listen to the children’s cries and tell me this is what America should sound like.”
CHICAGO – A father and the son of immigrants himself, Illinois Attorney General candidate Kwame Raoul issued the following response to the Trump family separation policy and devastating new audio from inside a border facility.
“If reading about Donald Trump’s policy to rip innocent children out of the outstretched arms of their parents isn’t convincing enough, I challenge anyone to listen to recently released audio from inside a border facility. Listen to the children’s cries as agents crack jokes and tell me this is what America should sound like. Listen to their fear and their sobbing pleas, and tell me how this is making us safer. This is almost too painful for me as a father to bear, but we can’t look away. We have a responsibility to stand up and declare firmly: This is wrong. This is not who we are, and it must stop.
As the son of Haitian immigrants, I keenly understand how our identity as a nation has been shaped by how we treat those who come to our borders. And as attorney general, I’ll do everything I can to fight Trump’s harmful policies. These children’s cries only sharpen my resolve.”
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